Born from inspiration drawn from international events and a passion for cool sh*t – WLG-X is a venture that aims to capture the unique culture that exists in New Zealand around start-ups, innovation and our creative sectors. 

New Zealanders are doing amazing things but we’re not always so good at breaking out of our individual sector bubbles.

Tech people talk to tech people, designers talk to designers… but there is so much to be gained if our creative and innovative sectors would connect, learn from each other and collaborate together.

WLG-X is the platform for this to happen.  

We saw an opportunity to create a festival that would bring the best of the world to New Zealand and showcase New Zealand to the world. To put people and businesses from across the tech, design, film and music sectors together in the same place, at the same time and spark connections between those on the forefront of these industries.

So, that’s us. We’re setting out to create a globally focused festival of creation and innovation for New Zealand, based in Wellington.

Come and join us on the journey!

5 Days of Innovation and Creativity

We’re deep-diving into the worlds of tech, design, film and music – in a way that New Zelaand has never seen before.

WLG-X is your opportunity to indulge your curiosity and explore. From day-time inspiration sessions to night-time gigs and parties – your experience is your own to create across an incredible amount of options.

Check out the programme to see the broad categories that the events and sessions at WLG-X will fall into...

Why WLG-X?

Wellington’s airport code. That’s the destination.

The X
The place where innovation and creation collide.

WLG-X inhabits the worlds of Tech, Design, Film, Music and “the X” the place that sits at the intersection of these worlds…

When ideas meet at that intersection, we call it a ‘Creative Collision’

WLG-X is supported by the team of event specialists at
Verve – the Event Agency

To create a festival centred around creativity and innovation, we knew we needed a group of movers, shakers and innovators who knew their stuff in their respective industries.

Our team of advisory board members are here to help us find the best in tech, design, film and music and the collisions between these areas and to share their knowledge, understanding and creative thinking.