Dan Milward

“Today’s kids learn through doing! Whether they are coding a game and tinkering with algorithms, debugging ow bacteria spreads in a simulation, or writing trigonometry to control a character in a game we want them to have a learning experience that they won’t forget!”

Dan’s superpower is to combine game industry practice with curriculum outcomes to make learning engaging, applied and irresistible to young people.

Kids are hungry for knowledge, but their learning experiences are not like the other forms of digital content that they choose to consume each and every day. Dan wants to change that.

With over 20 years of combined industry experience Dan and his team have built Gamefroot, an online platform that steps kids through making and building their own games and simulations.

Most recently Dan and his team have launched Game Dev Club, a new Digital Technologies Curriculum aligned After School Program where kids (and their teachers) learn through the process of making a video game over the period of a school term.