Mark Moore

Mark D. Moore worked for NASA for 32 years before joining Uber to become the Engineering Director of Elevate Vehicle Systems. Uber has developed a transformative vision for urban mobility called Elevate to implement short-range aerial ridesharing that will provide a fast, on-demand aviation alternative to ground highway gridlock.  Throughout his entire career, Mark has developed advanced aircraft, with a focus on Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft (VTOL). 

Over the past decade, he has pioneered the development of Distributed Electric Propulsion technologies as the fundamental enabler of new types of electric vertical flight aircraft.

At NASA, Mark led three rapid concept to flight demonstrator teams – including the SCEPTOR X-57, the first NASA manned X-plane (Experimental Airplane) in over 25 years. He is also the creator of the Puffin Personal Air Vehicle –  described by Wired as “way cooler than a jetpack” – spurring the gold rush into the wild wild west of electric VTOL aviation.