Martin Emo

NZ-based Martin Emo is an education researcher, music technology trainer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and PHD candidate. His journey of education has seen him teach in High Schools around NZ, train teachers in Nicaragua, design professional development for teachers, to being a guest educator at Ableton’s Loop conference in Los Angeles.

He fuses his classical musicology degree and teaching background with being a Vinyl DJ, Digital Musician and striving to support students to be musically creative in schools.

As the recipient of a Victoria University Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship, he is currently working on his PHD investigating effective professional development and engagement for high school teachers in Music technology. Martin is a member of the board of Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa and holds a number of mentor and facilitator positions including with the NZ Ministry of Education, NZ Qualifications Authority, EDnet Australasia, Midnight Music Worldwide and through his own website. He has provided education consultancy to Ableton, Melodics and the NZ Government.