Philippa Bentley

Philippa Bentley is a New Zealand artist whose work has been reviewed as ‘highly unusual and utterly delightful’.
While primarily known as a printmaker, Philippa enjoys the freedom of incorporating a range of media and processes in her multidisciplinary art practice and has a growing interest in the intersection of art, design, science and technology and the possibilities this brings. Augmented Reality (AR) is now an integral part of her art and is bringing some of her fauna to life. “My work is usually inspired by nature, often with a twist”.

Philippa’s work reflects careful observation of the natural world through detailed drawings, usually imbued with an additional layer of contemplation – the social and cultural – which Philippa aims to communicate through her art. In this way, her work operates on different levels from the purely aesthetic through to commenting on our changing relationship with the natural world in the Anthropocene. Philippa exhibits regularly and has work held in collections in NZ and overseas. She has won awards in painting, printmaking and design and has been a finalist in a number of national and international awards.

Philippa has two senior academic prizes from the University of Auckland, initially completing a degree in English literature and then studying Education and Psychology. She has drawn, painted and written since she can remember and ultimately committing to a career as an artist has always felt like her natural path. Philippa has been working professionally as an artist for over a decade.