WLG-X Speaker Line Up

Nonny de la Peña

CEO & Founder, Emblematic Group


Jack Liang

Corporate Officer, Int. Business Development, Polygon Pictures

Liz Manashil

Manager of the Creative Distribution Initiative, Sundance Institute

Mark Moore

Engineering Director, Uber Elevate Vehicle Systems

Ty Stiklorius

CEO & Founder, Friends at Work, Producer: Film & Music, John Legend’s Manager

Alayna van Dervort

AI for Good Program Manager, Amazon

Allison Shaw

CEO & Founder, Manic Monkee

Ben Forman &
Kat Lintott (Ngai Tahu)

Co-founders, Wrestler

Mike Bundock

CEO & Founder, Augview Ltd

Martin Emo

Education Researcher, Music Technology trainer, & Digital Musician

Ian White

General Manager, ZX Security

Philippa Bentley

Multidisciplinary Artist

Dan Milward

CEO & Founder, Gamelab

Eteroa Lafaele

STEM Ambassador

Meredith Meyer-Nichols

Computational Media Innovation Centre, Victoria University

Michael Miller

SEA Institute, Film Head of Department

Taylor Carrasco

Lecturer Visual Effects and Visualisation, Massey University

Miriam Ross

Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington

Brian Goodwin

CEO, I Want To Experience

Robert Moritz

Executive Creative Director, Krunch.co

WLG-X is bringing together some of the world’s most exciting creators and innovators across tech, design, film and music.

We’re currently busy building the programme, so keep an eye out for more incredible humans joining our line up!